"House of the Wet-Nurses"
Santa Maria della Scala Hostel

Recently restructured with funding from the Regione Toscana, the hostel adjacent to the museum can host up to twenty-five pilgrims at a time in the area that once served as a home for abandoned children and their wet-nurses.

Recent restoration work funded by the Regione Toscana has allowed us to restructure the rooms overlooking the Vicolo di San Girolamo, a lane once known as "Wet-Nurse Hill"! These rooms, which were converted in the early 17th century to expand the area of the hospital's 14th century home for wet-nurses, have managed to maintain their original calling as a place of welcome and care because the long and complex renovation project has turned them into an ideal hostel for weary travellers. The hostel, which is adjacent to the museum, can host up to twenty-five people at a time: latter-day pilgrims and travellers following in their predecessors' footsteps as they trudge along the enchanting Via Francigena.

The link between these rooms and the hospital, of which they were once an integral part, is commemorated in the names of the four rooms which allude to areas in the neighbouring museum space: Corticella (Small Courtyard), Strada (Street), Fienile (Hayloft) and Pellegrinaio (Pilgrims' Hospice), the latter a king size room accommodating fully sixteen beds.

For info: ostellosms@operalaboratori.com

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Ancient medieval hospital, due to the historical, architectural, artistic and functional complexity of the building and the artworks in it, Santa Maria della Scala offers many different options of visits.

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from Tuesday to Sunday
from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm

Call center

Telephone 0577 286300 ticket@comune.siena.it

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It's possible to book a guided tour by calling 0577 286300

Ticket fares

Reduced price: € 7: students, groups, visitors over 65 and disable people.
Reduced for school: € 5
Families: 20
2 adults + children over 11

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