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HOSPITALIA or on the meaning of care

12 April 2019 - 01 September 2019

Tiziana Bonomo

HOSPITALIA or on the meaning of care is a photographic project that starts from the architecture of ancient European hospitals - true cities within a city - and opens onto the land

HOSPITALIA or on the meaning of care is a photographic project that starts from the architecture of ancient European hospitals - true cities within a city - and opens onto the land through the bestowals by benefactors who over the centuries contributed to the care of these reception centres. The exhibition presents a project started a number of years ago and documents historic hospital buildings along a route that from Siena, travels through Venezia, Cremona, Milano, Alessandria, Vercelli, Torino, Arles, Bourg-en-Bresse, Lione, Parigi, all the way to Lessines in Belgium. It is thus not just an aesthetically-lead research but a thorough study. The pictures do not follow a geographic itinerary but are grouped according to themes, suggesting a stimulating interpretative key: Monumentality-beauty, Liturgy-ritual, Limit-bond, Memory-archive, Community-solidarity, Autarchy-sustainability, Landscape-environment, Reuse-transformation, and from these affinities similarities emerge even between very far away places. It is to all effects an investigation interrogating buildings and archives to discover the history of the men and communities who built and ran these important social monuments. But it also bears witness to the journey Elena Franco has undertaken over the last seven years to make sense of sickness and death in those very places witnessing our fragility and at the same time the deeper sense of our existence. It is a study aimed at encouraging a reflection on reusal, placing these facilities inside a network and valorizing them, in Italy and abroad, that resulted in a special project by "Il Giornale dell'Architettura" and in a book – HOSPITALIA o sul significato della cura (ARTEMA 2017) – by Tiziana Bonomo with a foreword by journalist Domenico Quirico, as well as in a few local studies as in the case of the book La rinascita dell'ex ospedale di Sant'Andrea a Vercelli (Silvana Editoriale, 2016). The result presents itself as a "visual glossary" returning to the collective memory an architectural, artistic, medical and social heritage to suggest new interpretations of communal and individual history, emphasizing the mechanisms of solidarity that for centuries were the basis for the reception of the sick and poor in Europe.

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12 April 2019 - 01 September 2019

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The author

Elena Franco (Torino, 1973)
Elena Franco (Torino, 1973)

Architect and photographer, she deals with urban and territorial valorization. Thanks to her experience she works with local communities on networking projects, also at an international level, and often works as a lecturer or speaker at events aimed at sustaining strategic development programs. Photography - research and documentary - is a big part of her activity and is often used in her projects, also to support the development of local identity and networking projects to highlight local potential. Her main photographic research, "Hospitalia", running from 2012, after being exhibited and presented to institutions in Milano, Napoli, Vercelli, Losanna, Venezia, Firenze, Arles (FR), Lessines (BE), alongside conventions and workshops inspired by her work, is now a book by Tiziana Bonomo (ARTEMA 2017). She is currently working on artistic projects focused on architecture, archive and territory. Her works are part of public and private collections in Italy and abroad. She writes for Il Giornale dell'Architettura and is the author of articles and essays on the topics she specializes in. Since January 2016 she has been art director of Fondazione Arte Nova, dedicated to promoting Liberty and Art Nouveau culture.

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