ex Refettorio - Level 4

CAVALLI d'autore

19 October 2020 - 30 October 2020

"CAVALLI d'autore" is exposed in the former Refettorio area until Nov. 30

Artists from the United States, Bulgaria, Lebanon and Italy have represented horses through their personal and intimate vision. 

List of the artists: 

Tommaso Andreini (painting)

Vincenzo Bocciarelli (painting)

Franco Carletti (painting)

Elena Conti (painting)

Emanuela De Franceschi (painting)

Roberto di Jullo (painting)

Augusto Filippeschi (painting)

Enzo Gambelli (painting)

Sara Guerrini (painting)

Ali Hassoun (painting)

Fiorino Iantorno (painting)

Maurizio Meldolesi (painting)

Claudia Nerozzi (painting)

Daniele Righi Ricco (painting)

Iva Todorova (painting)

Turi Alescio (sculpture)

Gérard Beaugonin (sculpture)

Renato Ferretti (sculpture)
Carol Marano (sculpture)

ex Refettorio. Level 4.
19 October 2020 - 30 October 2020

Opening hours

The exposition has the same openingtime as the museum


The exposition visit is included in the museum ticket

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