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The Education Department focuses on various aspects and visions of Santa Maria della Scala. The complex contains a number of different identities and museum pathways with an extraordinary ability to let you "travel" from the ancient to the contemporary, with the education services on offer ranging from archaeological themes to history and to contemporary art. The services are designed to cater for all age groups and for many different audiences in addition to schools.

SMS - Educational Services

The museum, with its many years' experience in the field of education, offers a broad range of activities broken down by theme and designed to cater for various different age groups.
Schools can explore crucial medieval cultural issues while setting them in the context of the superb witness to that era that is the complex of Santa Maria della Scala. Other pathways highlight the characteristics of the collections in the Archaeological Museum, allowing students to familiarise with the more vibrant and spiritual aspects of the Etruscans, Greeks and Romans. The collection in the Museum for Children allows younger pupils to become acquainted with the museum's art historical heritage in a gradual fashion. And a range of workshops also offer insight into the charateristic techniques used to produce the exhibits themselves, encouraging visitors to express their talent in a practical vein.
A detailed description of the tours and workshops available can be found in the Education Catalogue, broken down into: the Art Museum for Children Collection; Santa Maria della Scala; the Archaeological Museum; and Exhibitions and Events.

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SMS - Educational Services for Schools

In the course of each month the Education Department offers a series of activities specifically designed for families. All of its events are devoted to exploring some of the themes in the museum complex and the temporary exhibitions on at the time. Using tours, art workshops and play-learn pathways, children and families can discover news aspects of the world of art stretching from the distant past down to our own day.

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SMS  - Educational Services for Families

Personalities from the art world, specialists in the field and education experts take part in encounters designed to involve participants in an experience of artistic theory and practice. The activity, which began with #InFormiamoci in 2016, is designed to cater for all age groups.

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SMS - Workshops

The training programme is designed for teachers and other art specialists. The tours and in-depth exploration activities are part of projects that develop specific themes through both theoretical experiences and practical activities. This was the case, for example, with "Sounds of the City" and with "Museums and Alzheimer's".
Thus in this section you can find activities already under way as well as past activities already completed and others still in the development stages.

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Santa Maria della Scala - Apprenticeships and Internships

Museum staff can cater for the specific needs and requirements of organisations, associations and private individuals, as well as forging collaborative relations with other players to develop shared projects and schemes for a broad range of users.

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Santa Maria della Scala - Special Projects

Information, contacts and reservations

For information regarding education activities and for reservations, please contact the secretariat of the
Art Museum for Children:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm
tel.: +39.0577.534531

You can also follow us on Facebook: Santa Maria della Scala

Payment mode:

Each tours or tours + workshop costs € 5.00 per child / adult.
Payment must be made directly to the Santa Maria della Scala ticket office on the day of the tour and / or workshop.

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