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A huge complex, almost a "quarter" of the city in its own right, erected oppoSite: the Cathedral begun at the turn of the 12th century and virtually completed by the mid-15th century, Santa Maria della Scala first saw the light of day as a medieval hospice-cum-hospital with multiple functions including sheltering travellers and pilgrims, caring for the sick and the needy and offering abandoned children a new family.

When its life cycle as a venue for healthcare came to an end in the late 20th century, the complex became the object of a grandiose restoration project that is still ongoing today. The project has allowed it to maintain its ancient calling as a place of welcome, now in the guise of a museum complex in which visitors can explore its astonishing architectural, artistic, social, political and economic history going back almost a thousand years.

The hospital's potential and complexity spawned a lively debate in the 1980s regarding the possibilities for renovating and reusing the imposing structure with the involvement of interesting research workshops hosted in it, right up to the international call for ideas launched by the municipal authorities in 1992 which awarded the restoration to Studio Canali from Parma.

The complex's history and calling encourage its management today to renovate more of the as yet unrestored areas of Santa Maria with a view to developing it from a pure museum into a centre of cultural and creative production interacting with its museum activities but open to other forms of artistic and cultural expression.


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Direzione Santa Maria della Scala e Sistema museale

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Caterina Cataldo
Roberto Cresti
Michelina Simona Eremita
Francesco Fabianelli
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Nora Giordano
Lucia Pacchierotti
Luigi Perinti
Beatrice Pulcinelli
Veronica Randon
Massimo Scala

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Sante Scarponi



Francesco Montagnani

Servizio Santa Maria della Scala, Valorizzazione e Recupero, Adeguamenti Patrimonio Culturale

Caterina Biagini

Person in charge
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Stefano Amidei
Sabrina Caselli
Franco Ferrandi
Riccardo Giacopelli


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